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In my spare time, I stop pushing pixels, and pick up a pen or a brush. Most of the faces in here are imaginary, or based on just a glimpse of someone with a curious looking face. The pets are watercolors I'll do on commission, and the other animals are from the dioramas at the Natural History Museum.

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I've been working in digital design since the early 2000's building engaging, efficient website and social media experiences for entertainment, pharma, CPG, food & beverage, and lifestyle clients. I've directed photo & video shoots, and also been the on-set food stylist. I frequently produce motion graphics, and from time to time, get in front of the camera to craft homemade cocktails for a cocktail mixer brand.

All of my ideas begin in a sketchbook or a notebook. I've got a lot of hands-on hobbies to fill up my quarantine time, the most recent of which being woodworking - which has been a great way to slowly and specifically solve my furniture needs. I'm always learning new techniques & processes to improve the quality and efficiency of my work

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