Dailys Cocktails produces cocktail mixers for bars and restaurants, and ready-to-drink frozen pouches for the casual summer pool party. I built an eye-catching rebrand of their social media presence, leaning into their bold packaging and a retro, nostalgic style.

Their website was designed to feature the ready-to-mix and ready-to-drink products plus nearly 100 recipes. The rebrand took a stoic and sophisticated site and reskinned it to match the active, exuberant new direction.

Our audience of elder millenial women has the energy of youth but the cocktail sophistication of a post-kegger party girl. This style was matched with targeted marketing to successfully drive engagement and sales.

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I am a Senior Art Director and Designer with 15+ years of experience working with CPG, entertainment, lifestyle, and pharma brands. I have managed teams of designers on several simultaneous projects with shifting deadlines. My background is front-end digital design, using UX/UI principles to achieve interactive, engaging experiences. I've got fluency in Adobe programs for design, photography, motion graphics, layout, and editing. I also know enough dev languages to understand my programmers' limitations, and work within them.

All of my ideas begin in a sketchbook or a notebook. When I'm not working, I'm probably painting pet portraits or getting so good at woodworking that I'll convince myself I can rebuild my garage from scratch.

Get in touch! Use the form below or email me at ken@studionumbernine.net