Drawings & Paintings

In my spare time, I stop pushing pixels, and pick up a pen or a brush. Most of the faces in here are imaginary, or based on just a glimpse of someone with a curious looking face. The pets are watercolors I'll do on commission, and the other animals are from the dioramas at the Natural History Museum.

Contact Me

I am a Senior Art Director and Designer with over 14 years of experience working with entertainment and lifestyle brands. My background is front-end digital design, using UX/UI principles to achieve interactive, engaging experiences. I am fully versed in nearly all of the Adobe Creative Cloud platforms, and know enough CSS, HTML, and Javascript to sit around & chat with my developers. I have managed teams of designers on several simultaneous projects with shifting deadlines.

When I'm not working, I'm probably painting, cooking for my wife & daughter, gardening, or taking care of my two 11 year old Brussels Griffons.

Get in touch! Use the form below, or email me at ken@studionumbernine.net.